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"speeds" are set by values inside the () If you had this for zoom
0: (0), 30:(5), 60:(10)
then at frame 0 zoom would be 0 and it would increase to 5 at frame 30 and then increase to 10 at frame 60

For this you use the Translate X Change it to something like
0: (0), 25: (-5), 50: (+5), 75: (-5), 100: (+5), 125: (-5), 150: (+5)
Every 25 frames it alternates left and right translation/sliding.

For this you use the Rotation Y Change it to something like
0: (0), 30: (-1), 60: (1), 90: (-1), 120: (1), 150: (-1), 180: (1)
Every 30 frames it alternates left and right rotation/swinging motion

Here is my test run from last night with the latest settings I am testing to be the new defaults for "Disco Diffusion v5 Turbo Smooth". Maybe a slight purple/blue tint over time, but no fade out or fade to primary colors. No doubt if anyone else tries these settings they will go straight to purple Settings attached for those who want to try. Using these prompts
0: ["an oil painting of the universe"], 60: ["an oil painting of a cluster of galaxies"], 120: ["an oil painting of a galaxy"], 180: ["an oil painting of a solar system"], 240: ["an oil painting of a planet"], 300: ["an oil painting of a continent"], 360: ["an oil painting of a city"], 420: ["an oil painting of a house"], 480: ["an oil painting of a person"], 540: ["an oil painting of a brain"], 600: ["an oil painting of a neuron"], 660: ["an oil painting of a cell"], 720: ["an oil painting of an atom"], 780: ["an oil painting of subatomic particles"]

You can try and suppress signatures with a negative weight, ie a painting of a rose by Henry Hardback | signature:-10 | text:-10

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